Engineering Probability and Statistics

Welcome to the “Engineering Probability and Statistics” (CE-40181) course! This is an undergraduate level course that aims to provide a fundamental understanding of probability theory and statistics.

Main references of the course

  • Athanasios Papoulis and S. Unnikrishna Pillai, “Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes,” McGraw-Hill Europe, 4th Edition, Jan. 2002.
  • Sheldon M. Ross, “Introduction to Probability Models,” Academic Press, 10th Edition, Dec. 2009.
  • Larry Wasserman, “All of Statistics: A Concise Course in Statistical Inference,” Springer New York, 2013.

Homework (in Persian)

Spring 2022 Lectures

In the following, the lectures and notes of the course for the 2022 spring semester can be found (the lectures and notes are in Persian).

11400-11-23Lec 1Note 1
21400-11-25Lec 2Note 2
31400-11-30Lec 3Note 3
41400-12-02Lec 4Note 4
51400-12-09Lec 5Note 5
61400-12-14Lec 6Note 6
71400-12-16Lec 7Note 7
81400-12-21Lec 8Note 8
91400-12-26Lec 9Note 9
101401-01-15Lec 10Note 10
111401-01-20Lec 11Note 11
121401-01-22Lec 12Note 12
131401-01-27Lec 13Note 13
141401-01-29Lec 14Note 14
151401-02-10Lec 15Note 15
161401-02-17Lec 16Note 16
171401-02-19Lec 17Note 17
181401-02-24Lec 18Note 18
191401-02-26Lec 19Note 19
201401-02-29Lec 20Note 20
211401-02-31Lec 21Note 21
221401-03-02Lec 22Note 22
231401-03-07Lec 23Note 23
241401-03-09Lec 24Note 24
251401-03-16Lec 25Note 25
261401-03-21Lec 26Note 26